COVID 19 Moving Guide

The info in this blog is current since April 16th, 2020. It’s based on public details from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The details in this article might change at any moment and are not intended to be clinical advice.


For the past year that we have all been affected by COVID 19, what was once a simple routine is now a task that needs much more planning and precaution. You might still have to go through with it if you’ve sold your home or are relocating for a job but lugging all of your possessions from one place to the next might not be the easiest task on your to-do list. 

Hiring professional movers, for a local move, will not only make things easier but also keep you safe.  Often, it’s much less expensive than you might think factoring in rental, gas costs, food, additional lodging, and more incidentals.


Studies show that the virus doesn’t last longer than three days on any surface and even less on porous surfaces like cardboard boxes. 

Here are a few guidelines for your move:

  • If possible, pack your belongings a few days before moving day
  • Keep out the things that you’ll need for the first few days in your new home like personal items that you’ll need on a daily basis or simple stuff like silverware, coffee maker, etc. 
  • It’s always best to wrap furniture to avoid any damage but also it helps to keep it clear from COVID because the movers can remove the wrap before bringing them into your new home to avoid any contamination. 
  • On moving day try not to be there when the movers arrive but any good moving company will be precautious and will be wearing masks and gloves. Either way, it would be best to try to sit outside and let the movers do what they do best; it’s not their first rodeo. 
  • Make sure to label everything properly, it will be easier when they arrive at your new home. But if the moving company is doing all of the packing for you, even easier. They’ll know what to do to make your life and theirs easier. 

  • If you can, try to wait a few days after the delivery of all of your belongings to give the virus time to die off. It would be 
  • You might want to wait a couple of days after delivery to give the virus time to die off. Of course it’s not feasible for everyone but if you have someone in your household that might be vulnerable, it might be worth it. 
  • There are methods to disinfect everything once all of the furniture is in its place. Disinfecting foggers like the image below are not only great to kill the virus but to also kill any contaminants that usually cause allergies that usually happen when moving to a home that was previously lived in before you. 

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