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    There are no surprise costs with us: our pricing is tailored for your inventory and includes all labor and travel expenses. With a team of moving experts and high-quality materials set us apart from other moving companies.

    Silk Way Movers recommends at least three weeks in advance when moving locally. For long distance or international, we recommend four weeks.

    Yes, we are experts when it comes to moving pianos with a trained team fully taking care of the service.

    Yes, we offer Long Distance moving services.

    It’s important to consider delays and traffic when it comes to inclement weather but your move WILL NOT be cancelled unless the city puts out a travel/weather warning.


    Silk Way Movers offers several options of loss and damage coverage for your shipment — you can add coverage by asking your Relocation Consultant prior to your move date.

    Silk Way Movers will issue a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for your building upon request. We will send your COI once you book your move date to help you plan and reserve your building’s elevator. We will also send a copy to your building’s management company.

    Yes, it will make the dresser easier to move. If it’s a self-pack move, we recommend that the customer empty out the dresser prior to the move day.

    No. It’s best to keep jewelry, documents and other personal items with you at all times.

    Please pack your personal and valuable items as well as medication and other essentials (snacks, cell phone charger…) Make sure to check our list of items we always pack for you.

    We do not transport live plants locally nor long distance.

    Yes. We will not move firearms, ammunition, drugs, chemicals, plants and pets.


    The number of movers we send depends on your move’s size — our logistics team will make sure we have the appropriate amount of movers to meet your relocation’s requirements.

    Yes, you or a representative needs to be present to open the contract with the movers. We recommend someone stay with the movers during both the pickup and delivery.

    Yes, for third party storages, we do require the client or a representative to be present at drop off.


    We work with an hourly and fixed rate. Mostly hourly but it depends on your needs and we quote your move to best serve you

    Your price will be based on your inventory, the distance you are traveling and the complexity of the move. Factors such as furniture size, number of large items and level of fragility all play roles in determining your move’s cost. The estimate your Relocation Consultant gives you will be the final price as long as your inventory stays the same. In case your inventory changes, the rate will be adjusted upfront — making sure there aren’t any hidden fees.

    How many hours are needed to relocate your inventory safely? It all depends on a case-by-case basis. We make things customary to you so that you get to save money; we want you to be happy.  It is best to get an in-home estimate where one of our agents goes to your residence personally to make an estimate. But if we moved you before, then we can make an estimate based on the previous move.

    Packing materials are at an additional charge. We also offer full moving services where we can do all the packing an unpacking of your items. Our specialists are trained to pack your items efficiently so we can fully protect your dishes, pots & pans, books, fragile items, documents and photographs, TVs & electronics, lamps, small mirrors, sculptures, artwork and any glass or marble items.

    We can rent and sell wardrobe boxes

    We don’t charge for extra stops or stairs. There is an extra heavy item fee for pianos, gun safes, washers or dryers, etc.

    Taxes included. However we charge convenience fee for credit/debit card payments

    Silkway way movers has a 99.6% very accuracy. It all depends on the list of the items, traffic conditions, walkways or other factors. As long as we are informed of all of the details accurately.

    We accept cash and there is a 5% convenience fee for debit, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), and money orders. We do not accept checks or Discover cards.

    We require a $100 deposit upfront and will charge the rest of the bill after the move is completed


    You can adjust your inventory at any point by contacting your Relocation Consultant. You can add and remove items before or during your move and your final price will be adjusted accordingly.

    Industry recommended is 10-20% of your move for local services. For long-distance moves, the recommended amount is 5-8% split between the pickup team and the delivery team.

    Our fleet of trucks and vans come in a variety of sizes. Complying for every type and size of move.

    You can directly call your Relocation Consultant or our Customer Service. Our Dispatch department will also be able to help with any moving day issues or last-minute requests at (703) 947-0515

    We request that customers uninstall their AC units or have someone do it prior to their move day. For TVs and other electronics, we can unmount from wall

    We recommend you get parking permits upfront to avoid violations or tickets.

    From the initial consultation, your Relocation Specialist will make a list of your inventory with all the items that will be moved or not, and we will need you to label your things so that the movers don’t get confused

    Absolutely. We also offer custom floor plan services with furniture placement upon delivery.

    We operate on an hourly basis and we deduct lunch-time from your bill.

    For Long Distance moves, food is not allowed due to state regulations. For Local Moves, food and liquids should be the last thing to be packed.


    Yes, we will call 24 hours prior to delivery.

    Yes, you can assign someone to receive the delivery — you just need to provide us with the person’s name and contact information.

    You or a representative must be available to receive the items throughout the duration of the delivery window or we can guarantee a delivery date where you can select an exact day within the delivery window.

    We try our best to deliver your items within the given window. In the event the window is no longer possible, our dispatcher will contact you ahead of time.

    Most of our shipments are between 7 to 14 days.

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